Privacy Policy

Personal Data

The publisher and developer of this app does not store any of your personal data. It is only used to connect to web services.

Picture Upload / External Platforms

The web application "Phacemix" offers the functionality to upload image data to certain web services. To do so, it uses programmating interfaces (so called "apps") from the following services/platforms:
When uploading your images you will be asked for login credentials for one of the mentioned services in a dialog. These data is not stored by the desktop application. However, it might be stored by the web interfaces of the services in cookies on your computer.

To upload images, your computer will establish a connection to the platform that you are using. Thus, the service in question receives the information that you use it. To learn how, to which extend this usage data is stored and used by Facebook and everything regarding your rights on this data, read the privacy policy and terms of service of the services in question.

/ Minors

Parents and legal guardians: if children or minors use this application and the connected web services, this privacy policy does apply to them as well.

Information automatically stored on your Computer – Cookies

"Cookies" are data which is stored on your computer by web servers for several reasons, including tracking. Cookies are an industry standard which is used by many, if not most, web sites, to enhance the user experience while using their services. They do not harm your computer or data that is stored on it. Please be aware that Facebook might save such cookies on your computer to simplify the login process.

Further Questions

For further information regarding privacy send an e-mail to:
Your e-mail adress will only be used to get in contact with you to answer your questions regarding this topic and will not be shared with third parties.

 Marc-André Weibezahn, Immengarten 53, D-31134 Hildesheim