Marc-André Weibezahn

to Bed

iPhone App & Concept, 2009

For my BA thesis at the HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts, I created and developed "toBed", a platform for interactive bedtime stories. Using the (then) innovative input methods and interface of Apple's iPhone, the concept is an approach to interactive storytelling in the form of short stories. To test the concept, I developed the interactive story "Fishes and Stars", which utilizes single and multitouch input, and the device's accelerometer. The concept also includes online purchases of new stories and the personalization of stories.

"toBed" was a nominee for the Europrix Multimedia Awards 2009 in the category "Mobile application".

to Bed
Using the accelerometer.
to Bed
Multitouch gesture.
to Bed
In app shop, a platform for other creators.


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to Bed